Media Buying

Your advertisements will be published on our newspapers as well as e-newspaper on our website, All newspapers will be distrubuted to San Diego, Irvine as well as Newport Beach area.  We provide competitive price and quality service to our customers and readers.



TV Channel / 電視廣告

San Diego Chinese Tribune can assist you on advertising on local and international TV channels, just call us!



WeChat Advertising / 微信廣告

WeChat has become a part of everyone’s life, San Diego Chinese Tribune will use its exclusive WeChat public page to help our customers reaching out to their local and international clients!



Amazing USA / 非常美國雜誌廣告

"Amazing USA” is newest member of San Diego Chinese Tribune family and a monthly magazine in China, and it is available for distribution to the passengers heading to the United States at the international airports in Beijing and Shanghai.



Adwords & PPC / 競價排名點擊收費
Online Marketing / 線上營銷

 San Diego Chinese Tribune can help you with your website and improve the visibility of your website in search engines, e.g. Google ads, Bing ads, Baidu ads, etc.



 Online advertising has become the core of the marketing campaign, we can help you to formulate and implement your own online marketing plan, just let us know!



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